How to Play Roulette in Online Casinos

Roulette is a popular chance-based game in brick-and-mortar casinos that has gained popularity over the years. Now, everyone trying to get into a land-based casino also looks up to play roulette. Thanks to the increased popularity of online casinos have expanded the game’s popularity even further.

Basic rules to play online roulette

It’s a game of wheels that contains 37 different pockets from 0 to 36. Players generally place a bet on various combinations of numbers, either individually or in the group, on a table called ‘the inside section .’ On the ‘outside section part of the wheel, players are allowed to place wagers on different matching pairs, which sums up to 18 numbers. Players can make a pair of the following:

  • High or low numbers
  • Red or black
  • Off or even numbers

Players can choose between 16 number bets or 17 number bets.

How to play online roulette

online roulette

Before starting the game, a player will generally be prompted before placing any bets and also while choosing the next round of roulette. Once the bets are placed, the screen will display the ten highest payout options that can be awarded to players based on the number they have chosen.

The results section will also show the history of recent winnings, giving the players a brief idea of the probability of winning these bets. They are referred to as the ‘hot’ and ‘cold’ numbers, which are the numbers that are numbers that are frequently or infrequently drawn in the form of a ratio. It is essential to make that these are not predictions, but they merely give an idea about previous payouts.

Different types of bets in roulette

Since there are tons of variations and options available to place bets, there are plenty of betting options. Players are free to place more than one kind of bet when they are playing online. Some of these bets are mentioned below:

  • Straight up: It refers to a single bet placed on a roulette table
  • Split: When two bets are placed simultaneously, it is called a split. The player places a chip between two numbers, and they will win at the odds of 17:1.
  • Street: When a player places a bet on three different numbers simultaneously, it is called a Street, and this type of bet pays out 11:1.
  • Five number: It is also called a Basket bet and is restricted to American Roulette. When a player bets on (0,00), 1, 2, and 3, a five-number change is made. The chip is placed on the adjoining line between the mentioned numbers. Due to the low probability of winning, this type of betting is hardly used among seasoned players.
  • Corner: It is also called a Box of Four bets, and as the name suggests, it is placed on four different numbers on the grid.