Beginner’s tips on Playing Online Poker

Poker is on the popular side of the online and offline gambling table. Many individuals and a plethora of experts have struggled their way to make tons of money. For beginners in Poker, they need to take decision-making seriously as it is one of the most debatable aspects of winning the game. There are very slight differences between online and offline Poker, which include anxiety at the table and handicapping of your opponent. Below are some tips for playing online Poker that can help beginners get their best foot forward.

Poker Hand Rankings

All players need to memorize the poker hand rankings in Texas Hold ’em Poker. For instance, a three-of-a-kind will always win against two-pair losses, a whole house always beats a flush, and so on.

Poker strategies

Poker strategies

One of the early-state mistakes people make in playing online Poker is focusing on the board rather than their strategies for winning. Once you memorize your rankings, it is essential for you to come up with strategies that will help in winning the hand. A beginner at Poker, especially online Poker, ought to make aggressive decisions which are the key to having only 10% to 15% flops in a game. Seasoned players can generally call the bluff of beginners. Hence it is essential to be careful, especially in online Poker, as they cannot see the opponents’ faces.

Limit your bluff

For seasoned players, bluffing is one of the most vital strategies while playing the game. However, it is recommended for beginners to stay away from using this. Instead of bluffing, players can play showcards on all their winning hands, which can work in their favor.

Understanding button positions

A button position simply signifies the dealer for that hand. When playing online Poker, the one player always deals, and that player comes last in line for action. New online poker players are expected to manage the hole cards well. Having the late button in the game can give varied flexibility for the game. Conversely, it is also expected to play tight in the blind positions.

Calling three bets out of position

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In online poker games, it is safe not to call three bets pre-flop, especially when the player is out of position.

Choosing starting hands

Experts swear that choosing the best starting poker hand, in the beginning is one of the best strategies. A beginner is also expected to compare the hand with the wager size and bet accordingly.


Playing online Poker, after many years of playing on land-based casinos, can be a daunting process, especially if you’re playing for real money. Hence it is essential for beginners to take the tips mentioned above seriously and adopt different online poker styles to familiarize themselves with the game.